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   The Crows are time traveling again. This time all the way back to to the 12th century. It wasn't easy traveling this far back in time! Apparently you  have to go to a shopping center in Arundel Maryland. Who would have thought that an innocent looking souvenir shop could be the portal to the court of William the Conqueror? Apparently our own royalty, Queen Mother Wini Hamilton, was in on the secret. She was dressed in a beautiful dress that made the king give her a second, and third, look. The rest of the ladies wore the more traditional Red Hat livery which obviously goes further back than we realized.

   Dinner was wonderful but we searched in vain for utensils. I wish I had stuck a fork in my purse but you soon get used to eating with your fingers and the scullery maids were busy enough without more dishwashing. Apparently we arrived at a bad time. There seemed to be some sort of war going on with lots of jousting and sword fighting right in front of us. We soon decided that the RED knight was our champion but he was killed by the really bad guy. Later he said it just wasn't his turn.

   Everyone had a good time. On the way out I bought a beautiful ring that the girl behind the counter swore was worn by Queen Guinevere. It only cost me $20.00. I guess she just didn't realize how much times have changed! 


             Royalty arrives                                                              The scullery Maids prepare for the onslaught


           Our Hero the Red Knight........                                                                               and his loyal ladies in waiting



            The king enters                                                                        Mr. Ed still has a job in show buisness


                                                                The animals were the stars of the show