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Catching up with the Crows

     The Cackling Crows have been as busy and as elusive as ever  but our dedicated paparazzi  have been been hiding in the bushes with telephoto lenses and have employed a number of disguises to get these exclusive pictures. Remember you saw them here first!

MARCH 2004

Mad Hatter Tea




Shirley Wini and Jackie obviously unaware of the camera                                The children loved it!



Don't you just love the hat in the back row?                                  Must be the cast party


Wini and Judy's 1930's presentation for senior's at Sunrise in Reston



Not actually a Red Hat event but I just love the polka dots, don't you?


Bunko Night RHS


Cinco De Mayo at El Passo  in in Mexico (Opps!! in Woodbridge)


May 2004

Cackling Crows Picnic in Bumpas Va.



Lunch and smiles in the Gazebo                                                             "Four!!" or is it 5 0r 6.



What? No golf cart?                                                                                 The 19th hole at last!