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               The Famous Occoquan Tea Party








   The Crows celebrated the Fourth of July in their own inimitable way. For starters they celebrated on the 24th instead of the 4th. Wini, our QM and Fearless Leader, was quoted as saying that this was to avoid the crowds but this reporter suspects that it simply took that long to get the girls to agree on anything. The one thing that everyone agreed on was that we were definitely not going to be throwing any tea into the river.

   We decided instead to convert those wrong thinkers at The Occoquan Coffee House into good American Tea Drinkers. The locals quickly saw the benefits of the new regime and hidden stocks of tea were brought out for the celebration.

   Was it the outrageous laughing and giggling, the girl talk, the picture taking or the Kazoo playing? No one knows but, what ever the cause, the Red coats were out and the Red Hats were in. (Honestly it probably wasn't the kazoo playing!)



Wini Stephanie and Linda                                                                                 Carole Maria (just barley) Tania and Lydia

  The left flank of battle                                                                                The right flank


Pat Wini (standing) Kathy and Lorna                                                                                             Friendly Fire

The gallant rear guard                                                                                                               


Watch your purse, Pat                                                                                    Marie and Candace discuss the "Middle Ages"



Our birthday girl                                                                          Pat displays her medals                                    Tiger lady Carole


Lydia makes her famous " Give me tea or                                       Stephanie kept a constant lookout

 give me death" speech