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                                                  Chapter of the Red Hat Society   





                                            With mirth and laughter let the wrinkles come.

                                            Merchant of Venice 1.1.80



                                            The Cackling Crows is a  chapter of the Red Hat Society . It was founded

                                         in March of 2002 by Wini Hamilton, an award winning costumer and expert on

                                         the history of tea.  The first meeting was a great success. The Crows are based in

                                         Woodbridge Virginia. Wini says that she got the name from an old New England

                                         hennery. Their slogan was "Our eggs are always fresh."



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                     Keeping up with the Crows 2004

                     The Occoquan Tea Party


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                               Convention 2004


                       Medieval Times




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                       Ein Klein Nacht Musik


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